Fund Raising Methods

The following fund-raisers are a few standard ones currently outlined by the Board of  Directors that will be needed to sustain the operation of the Foundation:

1) Cash Donations to the Foundation to defray the costs of the Byzantine Iconography that has been drawn and painted inside St. Nicholas Chapel. We are looking for contributors who consider this endeaver as a worthy recipient of  their charitable tax donations/deductions. The donees name will appear on the chapel premises. 

2) Straight in cash donations to the Foundation to sustain its operation and good works in upholding and perpetuating the Greek Orthodox religion, customs, traditions and culture.

3) The purchase of grave sites in the Greek Orthodox Section of Rose Hills Memorial Park which comprises of the following sections: Mission Terrace, Winter Terrace, Morning Star Terrace,  Morning Star Terrace Estates, Morning Star Estates-Monuments.

4) The Thyranoixia (opening of the doors) was scheduled and celebrated by his Eminence Metropolitan Gerasimos and several of  the invited area  priests, on Saturday, June 10, 2006. A hosted light luncheon followed.  

5) The Consecration (Christening of the church) will be held and celebrated sometime in the distant future. This important event is usually a three (3) day event which is celebrated by the Greek Orthodox Church hierarchy and concluded with a grand dinner banquet. As the dates & plans are  developed, scheduled and confirmed they will be released and publicised to the general public

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For More Information please Call: 

Mr. Jason Nonis, Chairman

         Ways & Means

Toll Free # 877-961-1382

       or         714-264-4666