Foundation History

     The Greek Orthodox Memorial and Cultural Foundation was conceived as a vision in 1997 by Dr. James G. Kallins M.D.  who wanted to maintain the unity of the Greek Orthodox Community  even after death.  The concept of a Greek Orthodox Cemetary where Greeks can put their loved ones to rest and go to pray for them, was then turned into a reality.  Dr. Kallins started the ball rolling by talking to Rose Hills Cemetary and his late son Nicholas James Kallins went to Greece to photograph prayer chapels.  Nicholas studied the architecture of the chapels all over Greece from islands to villages in order to create an identical and original Greek Orthodox Chapel here in California. 

     The Greek Orthodox Memorial and Cultural Foundation was then legally created with a governing Board consisting of a Board of  Trustees, and an 11 Member Board of Directors of which two are Greek Orthodox Priests.  A block of  land was subsequently purchased by the Foundation from Rose Hills Cemetary and Memorial Park and the chapel was then built.   

     The Greek Orthodox Memorial and Cultural Foundation is a  tax-exempt organization who's goals are to uphold and perpetuate the Greek Orthodox religion and culture including without limitation, it's traditions, customs, language and music.