The Greek Orthodox Sections at Rose Hills
A place where those who share the common orthodox faith and  those who's beliefs in Christ are the same have a common area to be buried whereby they will be remembered forever and never forgotten.
Saint Nicholas Chapel
The Chapel is dedicated in memory of one of the Foundation's co-founders, Mr. Nicholas J. Kallins, Esq., who passed away on 07.11.2000 at the age of 38. The chapel is available for funerals. Please inquire with Christina Davilas 562-761-6080
Chapel Byzantine Iconography
The Byzantine Iconography that has been painted in the chapel is a replica from the small villages in Greece going back many many years. They have been created and painted by some of the best Iconographers from Greece.
Open Chapel
Open Chapel will be held by Appointment only. For information on memorial plots please contact Christina Davilas at 562-761-6080